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TLA Consulting Tron Lande Andersen offers services to SMEs, authorities and civil society organisations within the area of EU-programmes and EEA-grants: advice, applications, projects, evaluations and analysis.

TLA Consulting was established in 1999. Tron Lande Andersen is a Norwegian political scientist and has for several years cooperated with the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR) in the field of internationalisation and EU programmes.

Work experience includes:
  • Evaluations of EU-programmes
  • Analysis of conditions for cooperation across national borders
  • Development of indicators for cooperation programmes
  • Development of indicators for measurement of democracy
  • Studies of Norwegian counties and municipalities international activities
  • Studies of EU regional policy programmes
Customers primarily:
  • Central an regional authorities in Norway and Sweden
  • Associations of counties and municipalities
  • Associations for interregional and cross border cooperation

Subsidiarity in Norwegian: Potential Impacts of an Administrative Reform (pdf)  See English summary page 8